Quality Dental Care for the Whole Family in Middlesex County, MA

Welcome to First Dental Associates, your home for top-notch family dentistry from a caring staff of dental professionals with our Reading, MA dentist Dr. Sadeghi. First Dental Associates has been in practice in Middlesex County, MA for eight years, in which time we have cemented our reputation as compassionate neighbors and friends to the community.

Our goal is for you to visit our office knowing we will treat your family members as if they were our own. As important as oral health care is, we understand that it can be a stressful and uncomfortable experience for a lot of people in Massachusetts. But Dr. Sadeghi and her caring and experienced staff are committed to changing that by making your visits to our dental office convenient, comfortable, and stress free.

Family Dentistry

A great family dentist is one who understands that different family members are going to have different issues, and has the experience and expertise to provide a solution for all of them. For example, young children are more prone to cavities than anyone else in the family, largely due to their love of candy and lack of experience brushing and flossing their teeth. So preventative care and oral hygiene training may be the best treatment for them.

Teenagers, however, may have alignment issues, but are looking for an alternative to unsightly braces. Invisalign invisible braces could be just the thing to get them the smile they want.

Adults may be concerned with the yellowing of teeth that comes with age. In that case, one of our teeth whitening procedures will put the shine back on their teeth, rejuvenating their smile and self-confidence.

And let’s not forget about Grandma and Grandpa. Oral health care is very important for senior citizens, even if they have a full set of dentures. Maintaining the effectiveness and stability of teeth replacements is a priority for any family dentist, and here at First Dental Associates, we are dedicated to keeping the senior members of your family happy and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Alongside the obvious oral health benefits, having a strong set of teeth has a heavy influence on your emotional state-of-mind, as well as your social confidence. For this reason, cosmetic dentistry procedures, like dental veneers, teeth whitening, and Invisalign invisible braces, are an essential part of comprehensive dental care.

The importance of a beautiful smile simply cannot be ignored. Smiling is how we express joy and happiness, and it is a nonverbal way to let the people around us know we are confident, comfortable, and open to communication, whether at work or at a party. So don’t hide your smile and run the risk of giving the wrong impression. Come see us at First Dental Associates, and we will discuss your needs in order to come up with a cosmetic dental solution that will keep you smiling.

Make an Appointment

With Saturday and evening hours available at First Dental Associates, finding the time for the dental care you and your family need couldn’t be easier. Call our reading, MA dental office at 781-435-7290 today to schedule an appointment with our Reading, MA dentist Dr. Sadeghi, or simply fill out our online form and one of our associates will contact you.