When you look in the mirror, I’m guessing there is at least one thing you’d like to change about your smile. Honestly, most of us have that same thought. Whether your smile has faded with age or you have dealt with less-than ideal teeth forever, our Reading, MA is dental office is here to help. We consistently help patients overcome their smile flaws.

At First Dental Associates, no smile flaw is too big to overcome. Even if you think your smile is too far gone, there is most likely something that can be done. Our office uses the latest tools in cosmetic dentistry to give our patients a better, brighter smile. The treatments are faster, more efficient, and long-lasting than ever. So give us a call today at 781-438-1312 or use the online form to request a visit.     

How We Can Improve Your Smile

The smallest flaw in your teeth can ruin a good smile. Stains, chips, cracks, breaks, decay, crooked teeth, and missing teeth … all of these problems can be correct at First Dental Associates. Me and my staff have the training to provide results that are long-lasting and beautiful. Our services range from simple teeth whitening, which you can complete in just 5 days, to full-mouth reconstructions using crowns, bridges, and veneers. We even have a special service called Snap-On Smile in which you cover up smile flaws without the use of dental drills or needles.  

And then there’s the issue of straightening teeth. I have used Invisalign to straighten teeth for countless people in the Reading, MA area as an Invisalign Preferred Provider. With Invisalign, you can get the smile you deserve without the hassle of metal braces!

But, what does all of this mean for you? Of course, cosmetic dentistry can help your smile look better, but what gains can you expect? Here are 4 gains you can expect from cosmetic dentistry.

  1. You’ll Look and Feel Better. It’s no secret that great teeth look and feel great. So it’s not a stretch to imagine that people with great teeth also feel better about themselves. Confidence cannot be underrated. People who correct their smile flaws often find themselves thriving more in public and professional situations.
  2. You’ll Be Healthier Mouth. Sometimes cosmetic treatment improve more than cosmetics. For instance, restoring a damaged tooth will improve your oral health. A treatment like Invisalign will also improve your oral health in many ways, including making your mouth easier to clean.
  3. You’ll Prevent Future Problems. Fixing a problem before it balloons into something larger is always easier and less expensive. Restoring a damaged tooth with a dental crown will protect the tooth for years to come. Even just by straightening the teeth, we can help you avoid nagging problems like jaw pains and headaches.
  4. You’ll Look Younger. I don’t have to tell you that smile flaws can make you look older than you are. I’ve seen cosmetic dentistry dial back the clock for many patients. It’s amazing how a little teeth whitening or repairing chips in teeth can change a smile for the better.

Start Restoring Your Teeth, Confidence Today

As you can tell, a glowing smile can improve many facets of your life. When you look and feel your best, it opens up several doors. And when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, we can repair just about anything. Some of the treatments can work in just a few hours, while others take a little more time. Whatever is best for your smile, trust that my smile is gentle and compassionate. We never rush patients through treatments and are dedicated to giving you a perfect, long-lasting smile.

Call us today at 781-694-1156 to hear more about our life-changing cosmetic dental options. You can also use the online form to request an appointment.