How would you like to have teeth that …

… are whiter?

… are straighter?

… have no gaps between them?

Sounds like a job for cosmetic dentistry right? It is, and Snap-On Smile may be the fastest and simplest way to fix all of these issues for you at the same time.

What is Snap-On Smile? How can you get it?

We’ll answer the second question first. You can make an appointment with Dr. Nasrin Sadeghi, our dentist office in Reading, MA.

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What Is Snap-On Smile?

For some patients, Snap-On Smile is a long-term solution to create a new and improved smile. For other patients, Snap-On Smiles serves as a test run before they decide if they want to commit to a more permanent cosmetic treatment.

For our purposes, you could think of Snap-On Smile as a special, custom-made mouthguard. This mouthguard isn’t designed to protect your teeth during a football game, but rather to transform the appearance of your smile.

Each set of Snap-On Smiles is custom-designed for a particular patient. It is a thin, but strong cover that fits over your natural teeth in order to change their appearance.

This also explains why Snap-On Smile can be used to address multiple cosmetic issues at the same time.

If you have yellow or discolored teeth, Snap-On Smile can make them look white and bright again.

If you have crooked or crowded teeth, Snap-On Smile can make your teeth look perfectly straight and parallel to each other.

And if you gaps between your teeth, Snap-On Smile will hide them so your teeth look evenly spaced.

Each set of Snap-On Smile is made to function like your real teeth. This means you will be able to bite and chew without removing them while you eat.

Each set of Snap-On Smiles can last for years with proper care and maintenance. Some patients decide that replacing their Snap-On Smile is a good long-term solution to maintaining a beautiful smile.

For other patients, Snap-On Smile gives them an idea what their teeth could look like with another cosmetic service, such as veneers or Invisalign®. Seeing this new smile can help them decide if they want to take the next step.

To find out if you are a good candidate for Snap-On Smile, call 781-438-1312 for an appointment at our dentist office if you live in or near Reading, MA.


Dental Anxiety And Cosmetic Dentistry

For patients who may have dental anxiety related to fear of pain, Snap-On Smile provides a non-invasive way to change the appearance of their smiles.

If you have dental anxiety, you may be hesitant to try cosmetic dentistry. You may be concerned that it may be painful to get veneers or to wear Invisalign aligners.

With Snap-On Smiles, you won’t have those concerns. We don’t have to remove any enamel from your teeth, and it won’t put any pressure on your teeth since we aren’t trying to move them.

All we have to do is make an impression of your teeth. Then, your Snap-On Smile is custom-fitted to fit over your teeth and give you the smile you want to have.

It takes a few weeks to create your set, but when it’s ready, all you have to do is slide it over your teeth and go on with your day.

There’s no need for a drill, shots, or anesthetic.

And once you have your Snap-On Smile, you can take them off or put them on as you see fit.


Why Should You Get Your Snap-On Smile From Us?

Dr. Sadeghi has completed specific training in addition to her experience using Snap-On Smile to help several patients. Our staff at First Dental Associates shares her commitment to helping out patients create the smiles of their dreams.

When you visit our office, you will be visiting a Preferred Provider for Snap-On Smile. This means you can count on us to do the best job possible with this treatment.


Ready To See Your New Smile?

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