Some people are born with perfect smiles. Their teeth are straight. They don’t have overbites or underbites. Their teeth are evenly spaced with no crowding or gaps.

For the rest of us to have those kinds of smiles, we may need a little help. One way you can help your smile is with Invisalign® aligners.

This orthodontic treatment is part of our cosmetic dentistry in Reading, MA. Invisalign is a great way for many teens and adults to create a better smile without braces.

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What Invisalign Can Do

As we mentioned above, Invisalign is considered a kind of orthodontics. As such, you can correct many of the same issues with Invisalign that other people fix with braces.

Let’s give you a few examples.

If a patient has a gap between his front teeth and a slight overbite, Invisalign can close the gap and get his top teeth in line with his bottom teeth.

If another patient has teeth that are crooked and crowded, this can contribute to a crossbite. That means the top and bottom rows of teeth overlap one another when her bite is closed. With Invisalign, she can straighten her teeth and eliminate the overlap at the same time.

Still another patient may have teeth that are mostly crooked. This may make him a little embarrassed when meeting a new client at work. By wearing Invisalign aligners, he can straighten his teeth and maybe improve his self-confidence, too.

That brings us to another important point about Invisalign and about cosmetic dentistry in general. We know the direct benefits of having straight teeth. They make your smile look nicer, and they are easier to clean (which can help you keep your mouth healthy).

But there is an emotional benefit as well. When you feel good about your smile, you feel more comfortable sharing that smile. You also may find that you feel more at ease speaking to other people when you aren’t concerned about whether they are judging the condition of your teeth.


How Does Invisalign Work?

You are probably familiar with braces. If you didn’t wear them, someone you know probably did.

With braces, brackets are attached to the patient’s teeth. An archwire runs through the brackets. This guides the gradual movement of his or her teeth from their original positions to straight positions. While effective, braces come with problems of their own.

The brackets can be scratchy on the soft tissues of someone’s mouth. Getting braces and getting braces adjusted makes them uncomfortable to wear.

And because braces can break, patients are advised to avoid foods that are crunchy, hard, and chewy.

With Invisalign, you are making your orthodontic care simpler. Instead of brackets and wires, you wear clear aligners made of smooth plastic. If you ever wore a mouthguard, then you understand how to wear the aligners.

Your aligners are custom-designed with computer-aided software to fit over your teeth. This makes them much less noticeable each step of the way.

You wear the aligners for 22 hours per day, and you replace the aligner with a new one every few weeks to keep your teeth moving. That also means you can remove your aligners for a few hours each day.

For instance, you can remove your aligners to eat, so you can keep eating all the foods that your enjoy. You should also leave them out to brush and floss your teeth.

Just remember to clean your aligners, too, before you put them back in.


Who Are Good Candidates For Invisalign?

Most people with mild or moderate alignment issues can use Invisalign. To know for sure, it’s best to let a dental professional like our own Dr. Nasrin Sadeghi examine your mouth.

Initially, Invisalign was created for adults. The thought was that adults who were interested in orthodontics would be more inclined to use a discreet treatment.

In time, Invisalign was offered to teens as well with equally good (and in some cases better) results.


What Can Invisalign Do For You?

We’ve seen what Invisalign has done for many patients at First Dental Associates. It has proven to be an effective and efficient way to improve smiles.

To find out if it could work for you, start by calling or contacting us online to schedule your appointment.