One-third of adults 20 to 39 years old have lost at least one tooth, while 66 percent of 40 to 64 year olds are missing at least one tooth*. In other words, there are a lot of people who could benefit from a dental crown or dental bridge.

First Dental Associates hopes to do our part to reduce tooth loss for our patients, but we also want to help anyone who could use a tooth replacement today.

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Meet Landon, Who Has A Missing Tooth

Landon was a better than average hockey player in high school. He still plays in a recreation league with some of his friends, and he helps to coach his kids’ teams.

At a recent practice, Landon was trying talking to a player when a puck came sailing toward his head. (Not on purpose — it was just a very bad pass.)

“Look out, coach,” someone yelled.

That gave Landon just enough time to see the puck as it struck him in the mouth. At first, he tried to shake it off, but the look on the players’ faces said he wasn’t.

Landon reached his hand to his mouth. He felt blood, but one of his teeth had been knocked out. Not wanting to leave practice, Landon stayed instead of calling First Dental Associates to make an appointment.

As soon as he and his kids got home, his son ran to tell their mom what happened. She contacted First Dental Associates to make an appointment as soon as possible.

Landon Gets A Dental Bridge …

A dental bridge is one way Landon could fill the gap in his smile. Dental bridges are made of two or more dental crowns that have been fused together.

Dr. Sadeghi would examine Landon’s mouth. If he decided to get a dental bridge, then our staff might make an impression. This would help to craft a bridge that matched the size and shape of the rest of Landon’s teeth.

To prepare his teeth for the bridge, we may reshape both teeth on either side of Landon’s missing tooth. By doing this, we create abutments to support his dental bridge.

When the dental bridge is ready, Landon would return to First Dental Associates. After verifying the fit of the bridge, we will bond it to his teeth.

When everything is in place, Landon’s smile will look whole once again. He also will be able to eat the foods that he likes because our dental bridges are made of durable materials.

If you would like a dental bridge for yourself, call [phone] to make an appointment at our Reading dentist office.

… or Landon Could Get a Dental Crown

Didn’t we just say that dental bridges are made of dental crowns? We did, but there is still a way a single dental crown could be used to fill in the gap in his (or your) smile.

It starts with a dental implant.

A dental implant is a replacement for the root of a tooth. Like roots, dental implants are embedded into the jawbone. As someone heals from this procedure, the bone will bond to the implant to hold it firmly and securely in place.

This also provides a stable foundation to support a dental crown. The dental crown replaces the natural crown — that is the visible part of a tooth.

Together the dental crown and implant create a complete tooth replacement. This will look and function just like one of Landon’s real teeth.

One of the advantages of the crown-and-implant option is we don’t have to do anything to Landon’s other teeth. That’s always a good thing. We want Landon to keep as many of his teeth as possible, and we want him to keep as much of each tooth intact as he can.

Contact us if you would like a dental crown and dental implant for yourself.

Other Kinds Of Restorative Dentistry

What else could have happened to Landon?

He could have received a broken tooth as a result of his accident with the puck. In that case, we may have been able to restore his tooth with a crown alone. By reshaping that tooth, we could have created the support to hold a dental crown in place.

Landon also could have lost multiple teeth. In that case, we could create an implant-supported dental bridge to fill the gap in his smile.

What Can We Do For You?

No matter why you may be missing a tooth or two, First Dental Associates has the skill and the knowledge to bring your smile back.

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* Those figures come from the National Center for Health Statistics.