If you rebuild it, you will smile again.

Believe it or not, humans have been practicing restorative dentistry for thousands of years.

Our ancestors used to use seashells, stones, animal bones, and ivory among other things to replace lost teeth. Today, you have much better options. You can visit First Dental Associates, where Dr. Nasrin Sadeghi can remake your smile as good as or better than it ever was.

Making an appointment at our dentist office in Reading, MA, is the first step in rebuilding your smile.


‘This Old Mouth’

Home improvement programs have been a staple of television for decades. Now, there are practically entire channels devoted to showing homeowners how to fix up old homes.

We don’t know if a television program about dental crowns, dental implants, and dentures would have the same appeal, but we do know the kinds of restorations that are possible with modern dentistry can be just as impressive.

Dr. Sadeghi understands how important our smiles are in our everyday lives. It’s something many people don’t appreciate until something happens — tooth decay, gum disease, accidents — take their smiles away.

Indeed, no one understands why a smile matters more than a person who feels embarrassed to smile because he is has lost several teeth or she is missing an entire row of teeth.

If you come to First Dental Associates, you can regain your smile and the self-assurance that comes with it.


Give Yourself A Reason To Smile Again

We understand that for many patients losing teeth can be a traumatic experience. It’s not something that anyone wants to happen, and yet hundreds of millions of Americans are missing at least one tooth.

National health experts estimate that more than 35 million Americans are missing at least one complete row of teeth.

No matter how you are feeling, we want you to know that Dr. Sadeghi is not going to judge you or shame you for what has happened in the past. Her goal, like the rest of our team, is to give you a boost by finding a way to give your smile back to you.

Here are some of the things we can do:


➤ Replace a missing tooth

Tooth loss is more common than many people realize. Part of the reason for that is because teeth replacements look more natural than they ever have.

The best way to replace your tooth is by creating a new one. No, we can regrow one for you, but we can assemble an artificial tooth that is visually and functionally indistinguishable from a natural tooth.

This starts when Dr. Sadeghi places a dental implant in your jaw to replace the root of your lost tooth. To finish the process, she will place a dental crown on the abutment end of the implant.

The final result looks and feels just like your natural teeth. Plus, by doing this, you reduce the risk of a single lost tooth leading to additional lost teeth.


➤ Replace all your teeth

This isn’t a new problem. It’s one that affected your grandparents and their grandparents before them. For a long time, the best solution was false teeth or dentures.

The problem with dentures is they rest over your gums. Over time, they become prone to slipping out of position, which can create problems when you are speaking or eating.

In modern dentistry, we can solve those issue with implant-supported dentures. By placing a series of implants in your jaw, you create a more stable and secure foundation to hold your dentures securely in place. This will give you confidence that your dentures will stay in place no matter what you say or what you eat.

We also would like to point out that Dr. Sadeghi’s continuing education has included studies in implantology, including a weeklong international symposium.


➤ Restore damaged teeth

Teeth don’t have to fall out to make you feel self-conscious about your smile. Decayed, discolored, and damaged teeth can post problems as well.

Fortunately, we have a variety of tools what we can use to repair those teeth. Dental crowns, dental fillings, and veneers are some of the ways we can fix your teeth so they look like you want them to look once again.


Are You Ready To Smile Again?

Don’t put off your dental restoration any longer. Call [phone] to make an appointment at our dentist office in Reading, MA, today, or fill out our online form to request a consultation.

Our team at First Dental Associates is here to help you, and we want nothing more than to see you smile.