You want the best smile that you can have. Do ever wish you could just change your smile in a snap?

If so, we have good news. You actually can transform your smile quickly and effectively with Snap-on Smile.

And there’s no better place to go for this service than First Dental Associates. Our own Dr. Nasrin Sadeghi has special training in this painless cosmetic treatment, and she has used it to help hundreds of patients. That’s how she became a Preferred Provider for Snap-On Smile.

She would be happy to show you how it could help you, too. Contact us online or call 781-438-1312 to request a consultation at our Reading, MA dentist office.


A New Smile Made Easy

Imagine having a special mouthpiece that you could just put on your over your teeth to give you the perfect smile.

This mouthpiece would be practical as well. It would fit neatly and comfortably over your teeth, and you would be able to eat and drink while wearing it.

That’s a pretty good description of what Snap-on Smile is. Each Snap-on Smile is custom-fitted and custom-designed for one person. This way it fits securely in your mouth without interfering with your daily activities.


What Would You Like to Change?

Snap-on Smile can work on a wide range of problems.

Your smile can look as white and bright as you want.

Your teeth can look perfectly straight and in line with one another.

You can hide any gaps between your teeth or conceal crowded teeth.

Snap-on Smile is an effective way to hide chipped, broken, worn-down, or otherwise misshapen teeth, too.

And if you have more than one of those issues, Snap-on Smile can address all of them at the same time.

If you are a good candidate for this service, we can take an impression of your teeth. In a matter of a few weeks, you could receive your mouthpiece and get started with your new and improved smile.

Each mouthpiece can last for years with proper care and maintenance. When it’s ready to be replaced, we can help you get a new one or help you decide if you want a more permanent cosmetic dental service.

We’ve had patients who regularly replaced their Snap-on Smile as a long-term cosmetic solution. We’ve also had other patients who got Snap-on Smile as a low-cost and pain-free introduction to cosmetic care.

Which option is right for you? We’ll be happy to answer any questions so you can make an informed decision and do what works best for you.


Other Reasons to Consider Snap-on Smile

Many people have sensitive teeth. For that reason, they are concerned that teeth whitening or removing enamel to get veneers could be a little painful.

With Snap-on Smile, you don’t have that concern. The process is noninvasive. We won’t drill or reshape your teeth, and we won’t need to give you any anesthetic to numb your mouth.

We just make an impression, and that impression is used to make a mouthpiece specially designed to fit over your teeth.

As far as convenience, it’s hard to beat a cosmetic dental treatment that you can snap on or take off whenever you want. You don’t have to remove it during meals, either, so it won’t stop you from grabbing a bite with your co-workers, family or friends.

And there aren’t many services that can change the appearance of your smile faster than Snap-on Smile. It only takes about three weeks from the time we make your impression until your mouthpiece is ready to go.


Are You Ready to See Your New Smile?

Don’t wait another day! Today is the day to give yourself the gift of a confident smile.

Snap-on Smile is an easy, painless, and simple solution to many smile problems. You can make a change with the help of our team at First Dental Associates.

Call us today at 781-438-1312, or fill out our online form. Setting up a consultation could be your first step to a better smile!