Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. Maybe you and your sweetheart have something special planned for that night. To look your very best, why not add one last touch — a bright, white smile.

Stained teeth are common as we get older, and studies have shown that whiter teeth help people look younger and more attractive. You may not think you have time for teeth whitening before your special night with your sweetie, but you do.

If you live in or near Reading, MA, our dentist office offers in-office teeth whitening treatments that can clean up your smile in a single visit.

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Professional Teeth Whitening Options

By coming to our dentist office in Reading, MA, you will have two choices for in-office whitening treatments.

Sapphire teeth whitening uses a highly concentrated bleaching agent. This treatment can remove stains in a single visit that have taken years to develop.

We can combine this with the Sapphire Plasma Arc Curing Light. Exposing the whitening agents to the light enhances the power of Sapphire professional teeth whitening so you will see even better results.

If you have sensitive teeth, you may prefer Lumibrite. This whitening product was designed to provide a gentler teeth whitening option.

The curing light can be used with Lumibrite as well, although many patients see improvements even without the light.

In-office whitening is the most efficient option for patients looking to change their stained teeth. Whether you are getting ready for Valentine’s Day, a wedding, or another special event, visiting First Dental Associates can give you results in little time.

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Take-Home Teeth Whitening

In-office teeth whitening is the fastest way to whiten your smile, but it’s not the only way. We also offer take-home teeth whitening kits.

These are as simple to use as the over-the-counter brands, but these pack more power into your treatment. The final results of our take-home professional teeth whitening are comparable to our in-office treatment. It just takes a little more time to get there.

Our Sapphire take-home kit uses custom-designed bleaching trays. These are made to fit your teeth, which helps to keep the whitening gel more evenly distributed on your teeth.

Lumibrite also has its own take-home product for people with sensitive teeth. Lumibrite White is great for patients who have a busy schedule and want to do their whitening at times that are convenient for them.

Last but not least, we offer Crest Whitestrips Professional Whitening. If you’ve ever tried over-the-counter white strips, then you will have a good idea how to use these. The difference is that these contain a higher concentration of the whitening agent, which is why you should get them from our office.

With any take-home whitening product, you should follow the instructions carefully. We will be happy to discuss your options during an appointment at our dentist office in Reading, MA.


Some Things To Keep In Mind About Teeth Whitening

First and foremost, it’s natural for your teeth to turn yellow with time. Every day, you eat more food, and you drink more coffee, tea, and soft drinks. All of those things contribute to the stains on your teeth.

At the same time, it’s important to know that stains are not the only reason your teeth can become discolored. If you suffered an injury, that can cause teeth to change colors. Some illnesses can affect the color of your smile, as can some medicines.

Even wear and tear on your enamel can cause your smile to look more yellow. If enamel is thin, the layer of dentin beneath it can show through. Since dentin is yellow that can affect the overall shade of your teeth.

With this in mind, the American Dental Association recommends visiting a dentist before using any teeth whitening. Our dentist in Reading, MA, can examine your teeth to let you know if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening.

If you aren’t, then we have two other services that may help. Dental veneers can be bonded to your teeth to make them look as white as you would like them to be.

If veneers are too permanent for you, we also offer Snap-On Smile. For a simple explanation, think of them as veneers that you can put on or take off as you see fit.


What Will It Be?

If you are interested in having a whiter, more attractive smile, make plans to visit First Dental Associates. Whether you receive a teeth whitening treatment or another of our cosmetic services, we are happy to help you.

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