There may not be a more versatile part of restorative dentistry than dental crowns.

They can be used to replace and repair teeth. We will get into some of the specifics in a moment. First, we want to make sure you understand that you can get an all-ceramic dental crown at our dentist office in Reading, MA.

We have seen many ways that dental crowns have helped our patients at First Dental Associates. If a dental crown can help you, we want to help you get one, too.

By scheduling an appointment, you can find out whether a dental crown or another service could restore the appearance of your smile or the function of your tooth.

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What A Dental Crown Could Do For You

Dental crowns really are amazing, as you will learn if you keep reading. With the improvements to ceramics, we now have dental crowns that look identical from natural teeth.

These all-ceramic dental crowns also are stronger and more durable than they have ever been. Now, let’s find out what they can do …

★ Improve your smile

Dental crowns can be used to make cosmetic improvements to your smile.

There are three instances in particular when a dental crown may be a good way to improve the overall appearance of your teeth.

You could have discolored tooth as a result of an illness or injury. You could have a tooth that looks noticeably smaller than its neighbors. You could have a tooth that is misshapen in some way.

Any or all of these issues could make you self-conscious about your smile. A dental crown could give your teeth a more uniform appearance. As a result, you may become more comfortable sharing your smile with others, either in person or in pictures posted on social media.

To get this dental crown, we would reshape the tooth in question into an abutment. When your crown is ready, we will bond it to your tooth. You might be surprised at the difference a single tooth can make in your smile.

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★ Restore your smile

In the course of our everyday lives, sometimes things don’t go according to plan.

Maybe you get distracted and walk into something or someone and break one of your teeth. Maybe you bite into something hard like a popcorn kernel or a piece of hard candy and crack one of your teeth.

Or maybe you get a cavity that you don’t get treated until it’s too large to fix with a dental filling.

A dental crown can help to restore your tooth no matter if it is broken, cracked, or decayed.

The process is basically the same as what we described above. In these cases, your tooth is reshaped to remove the weak or decayed portion. Then, the dental crown is bonded to the tooth when it is finished.

First Dental Associates would be happy to help you restore your smile. Make an appointment today if you think a crown might help you.

★ Replace a tooth

Now, this is not something a dental crown can do on its own. However, you can effectively create a new “tooth” by placing your dental crown on a dental implant.

Dental implants are replacements for the roots of missing teeth. Dental crowns replace the natural crown. Together, they give you a complete replacement that looks and functions as well as a real tooth.

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A Quick Word About Dr. Sadeghi

Dr. Nasrin Sadeghi gained valuable experience in Boston before opening her own practice, First Dental Associates.

After graduating from Boston University’s Goldman School of Dentistry, she spent 10 years learning from top dental professionals in Boston. Today, she is applying the lessons she learned for the benefit of our patients in and around Reading, MA.

She may have graduated from dental school in 1996, but she has never stopped learning. Continuing education has remained important to her throughout her career.

By coming to our office, you can benefit from her knowledge and her patient-first approach to dental care.

Give Yourself Another Reason To Smile

A dental crown can be used for cosmetic or restorative purposes. Either way, First Dental Associates can give you what you want and need to feel better about your smile.

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