Cosmetic dentistry is a popular service across the country and at our dentist office in Reading, MA.

When you look at your smile in the mirror, is there anything you would like to change? You certainly wouldn’t be the first person to feel that way.

At First Dental Associates, we want everyone who visits our office to leave with a smile on his or her face. For what it’s worth, we want you to walk in with a smile, too.

You may be interested in cosmetic care, but you may be hesitant in case you don’t like the changes. What if you could have a practice run? You can with Snap-On Smile.

This is the least invasive and low-cost way to transform your smile. And the best part is you can reverse it any time that you want.

To learn more about this service, just keep reading or make an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Nasrin Sadeghi.


A Test Run For Your New Smile

Many times when you purchase a new vehicle, you will take it for a test drive. The idea is to give you an idea how it feels to sit in the driver’s seat and to find out how the car drives.

Now imagine that you could rent the car for a week before deciding if you want to make a bigger commitment.

Cosmetic dentistry can be a valuable procedure. By improving your smile, you often can improve your self-confidence. We’ve seen it happen with many of our patients in the past, and we are confident that our services will have similar benefits for many patients in the future.

In the present, you may be debating on whether you want to go ahead with teeth whitening, veneers, or Invisalign® to make you smile look nicer. The thing is … you may not be ready to commit the money and/or the time it may take to complete those services just yet.

That’s OK. It’s understandable. This can be a big decision for anyone.

That’s why Snap-On Smile is a great compromise. For a relatively low cost, we can give you a way to change your smile in a short time.

Snap-On Smile is exactly what you would think it would be based on its name. When you come to First Dental Associates, we can help you get a thin cover that attaches to your teeth and transforms your smile.


What We Can Do For You With Snap-On Smile

This starts when you talk with Dr. Sadeghi about what you would like to change about your smile. When she knows what you would like to change, then she can determine if Snap-On Smile can help with your particular issues.

As you will see, however, Snap-On Smile can make a number of changes to the appearance of your smile.

If you want whiter teeth, Snap-On Smile can make your teeth look as white as you would like.

If you want your teeth to look straight, Snap-On Smile can turn your crooked smile into a one that appears to be perfectly in line.

If you have gaps in your smile, Snap-On Smile can close them.

If you have chipped, broken, or worn down teeth, Snap-On Smile can make them look complete once again.

You can have an honest-to-goodness Hollywood smile if that’s what you really want, and with Snap-On Smile, you can remove it anytime you would like.

At First Dental Associates, we have seen patients use Snap-On Smile as a temporary fix until they are ready for a more permanent solution. We’ve also had patients who prefer to keep their Snap-On Smile since it is less invasive than some other cosmetic procedures.


You Are In Good Hands

After graduating from Boston University’s Goldman School of Dentistry, Dr. Sadeghi worked with other top dental professionals for 10 years to learn more about real-world dentistry. Only then did she open her own practice, although her education has never stopped.

Her continuing education has included studying how to use Snap-on Smile to provide the maximum benefit for our patients.

To get your own Snap-On Smile, you will make two visits to our office. During the first visit, we will make an impression of your teeth. This will be used to create a custom-fitted set of Snap-On Smile to fit in your mouth.

It will take a few weeks to finish, but you will return to First Dental Associates when your set is ready. You will walk out with a new, big smile on your face.


Find Out For Yourself

To learn more about how Snap-On Smile could transform your teeth, call [phone] or fill out our online form to make an appointment at our dentist office in Reading, MA.

Your consultation with Dr. Sadeghi will help you determine if Snap-On Smile or another cosmetic service is right for you.