Keeping your loved ones healthy is arguably the most important aspect of family care, and the importance of oral health, as it relates to systemic health, is undeniable. Your diet has a direct effect on the well-being of every part of your body, and the health of your teeth has a direct effect on your diet. Not to mention the social and emotional impact your smile has on you. The way you feel about your appearance shapes the way you feel about yourself. In other words, for healthy self-esteem, you need a healthy smile.

This all serves to illustrate the importance of quality family dentistry. You need a dentist who understands the extreme importance of oral health, but also understands the variety of oral health issues each family member has. Family dentistry is not just about providing dental care, it is also about providing compassion and empathy. This is exactly what you will get from Dr. Nasrin Sadeghi and her staff at First Dental Associates.

Families Come First

At First Dental Associates, our focus is on the families of Reading, MA, and the surrounding areas. Our office has been a staple of this community for 35 years, and our committed staff has spent years getting to know our patients and their families on a personal level. Since we take the time to get to know our patients, we have intimate knowledge of their needs and concerns, which better enables us to tend to their needs in a manner that ensures their comfort while alleviating worries.

Our mission is to make your dentistry a stress-free and engaging part of your overall family health care plan. When you come to our office, you will be greeted with friendly faces welcoming you to a familiar and comfortable health care environment. With weekend and evening hours, we can accommodate the hectic schedule that comes with taking care of a family. We want to be here for your convenience and well-being so that you never feel troubled by trips to our office.

Expert Dental Care

Drs. Sadeghi, in addition to being a compassionate caregiver, is highly trained experts in the fields of general dentistry, periodontology, and implantology. In addition to her degrees from Boston University, she is dedicated to continuing education and attends dental conferences and training regularly. This means you can rest assured that your family is receiving the most up-to-date and effective dental procedures modern dentistry offers.

Something to Smile About

First Dental Associates is here to make sure the families of Reading are healthy, feeling great, and happy with their smiles. Don’t hesitate to get your family started on a dental care plan that will give you all something to smile about.

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