Dr. Sadeghi is committed to you.  

Aside from baked beans, Boston had a lot to offer Dr. Sadeghi. After graduating from Boston University’s Goldman School of Dentistry in 1996, Dr. Sadeghi spent a decade in Boston working with top dental professionals to hone her skills. She learned dental skill and technique from the best dentists, and she also learned what it takes to have a long career in dentistry that she will love until the day she retires: focusing on her why.

Why did Dr. Sadeghi become a dentist?

Dr. Sadeghi became a dentist because she wanted to help people in a meaningful way. That’s her why, and she has chosen her path carefully to allow her the opportunity to help those who will benefit from her skills, expertise, and experience. 

She is always learning and achieving. 

Did you know Dr. Sadeghi has special training in Invisalign, Lumineers, Snap-On Smile, and implantology? She’s also a member of too many dental associations to list here—associations that screen applicants to ensure their members are using best practices and the latest knowledge and technology to improve their patients’ experiences and outcomes. But it all adds up to a simple truth: You’re in good hands with Dr. Sadeghi, no matter your dental needs. 

Dr. Sadeghi has also been named a preferred dentist by America’s Best Dentists through the National Consumer Advisory Board. 

Dr. Sadeghi’s achievements have earned her a spot in history. 

We weren’t surprised to hear Dr. Sadeghi has been included in the Trademark Women of Distinction 2019 Honors Edition

The Trademark Women of Distinction Honors Edition is a resource dedicated to highlighting the professional accomplishments and stories of today’s best and brightest women in business. Because Trademark Women of Distinction is dedicated to recording and preserving women’s stories about their contributions to their profession, it only makes sense that Dr. Sadeghi is included.

As the individuals working with Dr. Sadeghi day in and day out, we see her level of dedication to her patients every single day. Her patient results tell the story of a dedicated dentist who will take the time to listen to her patients, understand their goals, and provide them with a comprehensive treatment plan to achieve those goals and more. With an eye on the industry, Dr. Sadeghi not only stays on top of industry best practices, but she is also a trendsetter. She sets the bar high for patient care and outcomes, and we’re all proud to work alongside her.

We’ve seen her quietly commit her time and funds to local organizations. We’ve noticed her contributions to larger organizations too, such as Give Back a Smile, the Oral Cancer Foundation, and School on Wheels.

We are glad to have Dr. Sadeghi as a leader on our team here in Reading, MA. 


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